About Us

Vision & Mission


  • To become the most trusted name in the field of technical education training and Opportunity provider.
  • Become a world-class engineer for employment generation through an efficient partnership network.


  • To develop the institution into a centre of excellence in technical education by providing globally competent human resources with focus on uplifting the poor, rural and under privileged.
  • To create an ideal environment where every individual has an equal opportunity for growth, recognition and reward, as this is the core ingredient for an empowered organization.


Quality Policy

  • E-Careerpluz is committed to satisfy its clients and other key students in delivering excellent educational services that consistently meet their ever-changing needs and expectations.
To achieve this, the institute shall,
  • Commitment for the development of engineers by providing consistent good education
  • Focus on educational system for quality engineering education by inducing positive attitude, technical competence by adopting and complying with quality management system.
  • Continuous improvement of educational system by ensuring scientific approach of teaching.
  • We shall strive to impart knowledge in such a manner so as to achieve total satisfaction of students, parents, employers, and the society.
  • Comply with relevant local and international laws and regulations, ethical standards and organizational policies;
  • Continually improve its key processes and procedures, including the technology and the facilities used in the delivery of its services;
  • Enhance competencies of its faculty, management and staff to always be effective and efficient in providing services;
  • Strengthen relationship with its industry partners, academic and technology service providers;
  • Promote quality awareness to all its employees, partners and students;
  • Respond and resolve students and client concerns on time.